Been Around the Block…

Having a career in design and development that spans decades gives me a unique view.

I graduated college in the beginning of the desktop publishing revolution. Relatively, I was a late bloomer in 1998 at the beginning of the web. Falling in love with web design and then the PHP language, I dove headlong into development.

I lived through slicing tables, Flash, CSS2, CSS3, HTML4, HTML5, jQuery, and the emergence of responsive design, and front end frameworks. I was there when we all learned the lessons of Flash and “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should”—especially if it gets in the way of the user.

As kind of a rite of passage with coders, I’ve built my own CMS framework from the ground up, held together with spaghetti code and refactored to OOP. Hating to create the same wheels all the time, practicality drew me to frameworks.

Rebranding is a fine balancing act. Not destroying the image that has been attached to a product’s success, you must retain enough of the original message, while updating the look to a more modern version.

—Kevin Bruce
Re: Branding php[architect]


Image of playing cards used at php[tek]. This one shows "The Bruce" card with an illustration of a man wearing a kilt and a Darth Vader helmet, smoking a pipe.

I believe in connecting with the professional community. Whether it be contributing to AIGA as a board member, or starting up a tech meetup in my home town, or speaking at tech conferences on design (php[tek], BulgariaPHP, ZendCon, php[cruise])—maintaining a connection to people in the community is vital to growth.