Illustrating PHP

Way back in 1993 I began my career as a pen and ink illustrator, inking buildings and scenery from local towns to be digitized and then woven into Jacquard-woven throws (afghans). That was at least 2 careers ago. Since then, I’ve been a web designer, then a web developer. Now, it seems, I’m going back… Continue reading Illustrating PHP

Re: Branding php[architect]

Originally published on June 13th, 2013 [here] Rebranding is a fine balancing act. Not destroying the image that has been attached to a product’s success, you must retain enough of the original message, while updating the look to a more modern version. Arbi Arzoumani did a wonderful job with php|architect’s image (logos, colors and fonts as well… Continue reading Re: Branding php[architect]

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